RGA Home Health Testimonials

*All statements are verbatim

Letters / Emails Received

Dear Gabriel (Administrator),
It is not very often that I take the time to write a note to sing the praise of an employee.. however I am compelled to let you know what a blessing Ginger (occupational therapist) is to your organization. In the 3 ½ years that I worked at Harvard Square I have never witnessed the genuine care, kindness and true concern of a caregiver that Ginger displays for her clients. Orval L. and Leroy D. have blossomed under her care. It is easy for me to notice this as these two men are dear to my heart so I have kept an eagle watch on them. Ginger is a true asset and I hope you will recognize her for how she goes beyond the call of duty and does it with (a heart)!

Warm regards,
Linda W.

Gabriel (Administrator),
This patient’s wife, Sandy S. called because the patient is now going to outpatient therapy, as ordered by his doctor. She raved about: Judy, (nurse) Wendy, (physical therapist) Danna (nurse). She said that she has good news/bad news. The bad part was that she couldn’t have “the girls” come over any more. When he has his hip done, he will insist on RGA, and he and she will both tell all of their friends about RGA, and the wonderful people that work there. She said that this kind of care can only be given with relationships. There is no medical technique, no special people you can have sent out. Words cannot express our appreciation. She kept using the word “phenomenal”.

– Mike (intake coordinator)

“I really appreciate Alvin (nurse) coming in and helping me. He has been the biggest help of anyone since the start of my illness. He always does what he says he is going to do. He is never in a hurry, and he always explains what he is doing. Alvin always follows up on everything that he says he will follow-up on. He has made an impossible situation possible. He is always pleasant, and positive. He is very professional and makes me feel I am special. Thanks for sending Alvin to help me.”

Dear Gabriel (Administrator),
Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness and generosity and for making it possible for me to get my Aspen Seating Orthosis. I know that this will change my life and allow me to become productive again. Many Blessings.

– C.M (patient)

Can you tell me what you have appreciated about RGA Home Health of Colorado?

“I appreciate that the staff is very friendly and helpful, they have new and different ideas for me, and they pay special attention to my problems.” 

“I appreciate that they’re very punctual, the program they put you on is very well organized. Their staff is very courteous and as far as physical therapy goes, they seem very knowledgeable.” 

“I appreciate that the people are very good at what they do and I love my therapist to death! They are caring, concerned and helpful, without being pushy.” 

“Well they’ve just taken such good care of me. They came and fixed me a different kind of shower in my bathroom and they also brought me a toilet that was higher than the regular one, so they have been very good to me and I don’t have any complaints.”

“My neighbor and lady I go to the church with, my friend, she got me on this. She told me about it and told me I needed to see about getting on this and that’s been quite a few years ago. I was scared at first, I thought it was going to take away all my independence but it really just helped me get my independence back.”

“I really appreciate the home health aide that I have. She is very compassionate. It’s not about the money, it’s about me.”

“They’re very personal with their care. All the nurses are good, but especially Monica is just fantastic, she is very knowledgeable and very gentle. ”

“I have appreciated that they come and helped her. The lady that comes three times a week is amazing. She is the sweetest thing ever. My mom loves her so much and told her that she is never allowed to quit.”

“I have appreciated the fact they were prompt and the fact that they would always do a great job informing me on what they were going to do.”

“I appreciate that the staff are dependable and keep me up with my medications, they were very nice and make sure my surroundings are safe for me.”

“I can appreciate that they were very knowledgeable, and could answer all my questions.”

“That they’re very punctual, the program they put you on is well organized. Their staff is very courteous and as far as physical therapy goes, they seem be very knowledgeable.”

“I like the fact that they treat me like a human being and with respect. They care. My physical therapist, she really helped me when I was pretty depressed and helped me pull myself up by the straps, you might say. She helped me come to better terms with myself and with my illness and my aide helped me with decisions I needed to make here. Recently I was told I was going to die if I didn’t have bariatric surgery and she helped me to be more informed and calm. They all treated me with kindness and care.”

“I appreciate their bedside manner.”

“I appreciated that the nurse always listened and followed through.”

“I appreciate the way my therapists explain how to do the exercises. They watch me do the exercises to make sure I’m doing the right thing.”

“They are very courteous and respectful.”

“ They’re very caring people.”

In the period of time that they provided service I improved greatly. Had I known the home care would have been as good as it was, I would have skipped going to SNF unit.

Josh was my therapist. He was extremely nice and polite. He had an attitude that I felt was very caring for my welfare. I will recommend him and this company always.

Staff Member Appreciation: Is there a staff member that you would specifically like to recognize?

“Amy (PT) was just a little dear and I love Ginger (OT) too. Both are really nice. I appreciate the interest they took in being and act as though they care.”

“I think my home worker, Martie Farry, is excellent. She isn’t a person that you have to follow around and tell her things that need to be done, she comes in my house and she sees it. I don’t have to make a list or anything. It’s just been so nice. She is very self motivated.”

“Monica, she is an RN, and Clara, I think she might be a LBN (LPN). They’re both kind and they don’t just come in, they talk to me for a while. When you call the office they give you more help.” 

“I love Betty (nurse). I think she is adorable. Mary Kay, (Social worker) she’s new and I’ve only had two visits with her and she helped me with things I didn’t know I was eligible to get help with. My physical therapist is fabulous and helped me get over some bad times and get into wanting to work out and get into physical shape and things like that.”

“Amy, the therapist, is very bubbly and takes her job seriously. Judy, the speech therapist, is a very nice person and she is very knowledgeable about this subject.”

“My nurse, Judy, was very caring and gave her all. She always followed through with what she said.”

Recommended Improvements: Are there any specific improvements you can recommend that they make?

“No. Because I’m really satisfied. They are there and when my mom is sick or having problems they know exactly what needs to be done and what we need to do. When I call the agency they always return my phone calls. They’re wonderful people.”

“No. I think they did the best they can.”

“I don’t know what I would like them to improve on, that is how good they are.”

“I have had only this company, I’m not really familiar with anyone else they have been so good.”

Employee Satisfaction Feedback, CMS Survey Reports

Areas Appreciated:

“I like the fact that the company is family owned. I know it makes it more personal with that type of company. They have an open-door policy.” – LPN

“The management is great. The working environment is awesome. There is a lot of development going on, making things more available.” – Anonymous

“I like all of my co-workers. They are open to communication and ideas, so I feel like it is a good company that will listen to those ideas and expand. If there are any problems, I feel comfortable addressing them.” – Physical Therapist

“They are all very nice people. You can get through to them quickly and get the help you need. They are very good about teaching their staff instead of just expecting them to know. It is a family run business, and you can tell because they treat you like you are family.” – RN

What is Valued Most?

“What I value the most is the opportunity to help others, which RGA services provides for us.” – LPN

“I value the working environment, the ample room to grow and the competition within the company.” – Anonymous

“I value flexibility, and I like the people I am working with.” – Physical Therapist

“I value my patients.” – RN

Recent Testimonials

“RGA Home Health care has been a godsend for me and my husband both. Care and kindness have been helpful in our life in times of our problems with our health. and without breaking us financially.”

“ Aside from our ‘serious business’ my physical therapist tamara had a good sense of humor and always presented a cheerful disposition. This brightened my day as much as the physical therapy helped.”

“ I had a physical therapist, occupational therapist and SS person giving me care from RGA. They were all extremely helpful and competent. Paul, my physical therapist, was the person I saw the longest and he went out of his way to answer my questions and to help me.”

“ The nurse, occupational therapist and physical therapist were professional and efficient. Paul, the physical therapist, was great and helped me immensely. He gave me gentle exercises to help and did not push things to increase my pain.”

“Suzie Garzon has been my nurse for several months. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She is very compassionate caring and loving. She goes way above and beyond to help me out. She is a perfectionist and make sure she does her job to the best she can and she does. I would recommend her to anybody. She is the best nurse I have had and would not want anybody else. She is the perfect nurse because she has a wonderful heart.”

“The staff help me out in so many time. They all together are so good at there work. I love the way they take care of me. Thank you much for all your people help. God will take care of you.”

“Enjoyed having and working with all the help that was sent to help me get my life back. Also, listening to me was so important. Give all my love to Linda, Nila, Molly, Bryan, Kathy, Claudia.”

“The nurse explained everything to me and took care of me first and set me up with a man that does the therapy on me. He was always good about explaining what he was going to do and why. So it would help me enjoy. I was very thankful to get that helped me. Even the man that came and told me what I needed to do would not get hurt in my place. Very nice people!”

“ I thought they were very good. The man who took care of me always explained what he would be doing and why and how it would help me. He’s polite and very good about everything. Molly is real polite also. I have no complaints. Thank you, I do feel better.”

“She (nurse) was always on the dot, when she said would be here. And if i need any help again hope I get her.”

“Learned exercises to strengthen legs and back. Learned to stand up straight. Work outs help with back and leg strength, also bettering my balance.”

“I was able to obtain, medical equipment I needed.”

“My mother lives with me. I have POA – I am so happy with my services provided by RGA. We have 2 nurses come by 5 times a week. They are so great with her. They are an asset to the company. Thank you Mike and Theresa.”

“Dave was great. He even followed up on his own, after service was discontinued, due to hospitalization.”

“The staff that works with me go above and beyond to help me. If by any change they don’t know the answer to something I ask they know how to answer me on there next visit.”