Medical Social Services

A clinical social worker whose purpose in health care is to enhance, promote, maintain, and restore the best possible social abilities of the patient or family and more.

Our Medical Social Services include:

  • Assessment of Social/Emotional Factors
  • Community Resource Planning
  • Short-Term Counseling for Long Range Planning
  • Short-Term Therapy
  • Identify eligibility for services/ benefits
  • Nursing home placement assistant
  • Alternate living arrangements
  • Arrange transportation for medical appointments
  • Emotional support to patient/ client/ family
  • Financial resource information
  • Arrangement of meal services
  • Initiate referral to personal emergency response system
  • Teach self-management skills
  • Crisis intervention


“My neighbor and lady I go to the church with, my friend, she got me on this. She told me about it and told me I needed to see about getting on this and that’s been quite a few years ago. I was scared at first, I thought it was going to take away all my independence but it really just helped me get my independence back.”

“Mary Kay, (Social worker) she’s new and I’ve only had two visits with her and she helped me with things I didn’t know I was eligible to get help with. My physical therapist is fabulous and helped me get over some bad times and get into wanting to work out and get into physical shape and things like that.” 

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